Top Amazing Spotify tip & trick Of 2020

Spotify Tip & Trick

Most people know they only get unlimited skips, shuffles and offline music after the purchase of Spotify premium, but you get more than it. So here I am going to explore top Spotify tip & trick of 2020 which work as an extra feature, also these tricks enhance your music listening experience on Spotify, so now without further ado let’s get started


Just switch on canvas, and Spotify removes cover art of albums, and replace with short video visuals and loops but Canvas is currently available to select artists.

Spotify In Google Maps

For music lovers hard to travel without music, and if you going one city to another city, I think most people don’t know the exact route so they use Google Maps for navigation, but now the main problem is that you can’t use maps and Spotify together, to rid of this problem Spotify have integrated Google maps and Spotify. For active this feature go to Google maps settings and in navigation tab change default media app to Spotify

Spotify in Google Clock

Use Spotify music as a wake ton, set alarm on clock and toggle on Spotify tab, and select your favorite morning wakeup song, but make sure that you have the latest versions of Google Clock

Sleep Timer

If you are listening to the song then click on three dots and if you listening podcast then click on little moon icon, scroll down and select sleep timer between 5 to 60 minutes and end of the track, when time goes end Spotify automatically stop playing a song

Desktop Local Song

Get your desktop songs on Spotify app, visit > Login account > Turn on iTunes, Downloads and My File Option > Click on add source > Add Songs, now check out playlists on mobile, and here new desktop automatically made by Spotify

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