Spotify vs YouTube Music: Which Is the Best Music Stremming Platform In 2020

Spotify Vs YouTube Music

In this post, I’m going to put Spotify and YouTube Music to the test.

So if you’re looking for a DEEP comparison of these two popular Music Stremming Platform, you’ve come to the right place.

Because in today’s post I’m going to compare Spotify Vs YouTube Music in terms of:

  • Pricing
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Music Streaming Quality 
  • Search
  • Music Library

Let’s do this!

In case you are a music buff and stream your music over the web, you would be comfortable with Spotify and YouTube Music. Both these music streaming platforms appeared in India as of late, bringing their vast pools of songs and playlists, alongside their altered collections, mainly curated to suit the clients in the nation. Both over-the-top sound platforms have a ton coming up for everybody. How about we investigate what these music streaming services are offering and how they contrast and one another:


Both YouTube Music and Spotify have native apps with simple to-utilize usefulness. The two platforms have a 3-page layout. Both have a landing page demonstrating all accessible content from slanting to playlists, new discharges, and much more. The library page on YouTube Music shows downloads, playlists, and last played, and that on Spotify lists podcasts and music separately. The third page on Spotify is an inquiry page, and that on YouTube Music is a hotlist page listing all the trending tracks.

Even though both the apps seem to be comparative, and they have various features to offer. Investigate some key features of the apps:


  • Crossfade tracks (as long as 12 seconds)
  • Multi-gadget sign in help
  • Broadcast – allow different apps on your gadget to perceive what you are listening to (Instagram, Tinder, and so forth)
  • Sync playlist across devices
  • Phone’s equalizer settings to adjust the sound output
  • Play on neighborhood devices (TV, PC or speaker) connected over the same WiFi organize
  • Download soundtracks

YouTube Music

  • Integration with YouTube to play video-based songs
  • Phone’s equalizer settings to adjust the sound output
  • Double-tap to look for 10 seconds
  • Option to switch between video or music as it were
  • History choice to return to songs streamed/looked in past
  • Google captions support (not lyrics)


Spotify and YouTube Music, in their basic variants, offer free music streaming supported by advertisement. If you need to remove ads, you should upgrade to their particular subscription-based premium versions. While Spotify gives an alternative to pick among monthly as well as yearly subscriptions, but YouTube Music only offers a monthly payment plan.

Spotify’s free tier lets you skirt just a fixed number of tracks every day, appears in-app advertisements, and you can’t stream while you are offline. It’s particularly useful in case you’re not an energetic music audience. The premium subscription costs $10 per month.

Aside, in case you’re a student, you need to go through $5 per month. There’s additionally a family package which is priced at $15/month and allows six simultaneous audience members.

YouTube Music’s free plan is substantially less appealing, and alongside ads, expects you to have the screen always turned on. At $10/month, you can upgrade to YouTube Music Premium for an ad-free music streaming experience, or you can go through $12/month instead of watching YouTube ad-free too.

YouTube Music family subscription of Premium account costs $15 per month. The students can get it for $5 per month.

As a significant aspect of their basic offers, Spotify, as well as YouTube Music, are, individually, offering a month and three months of free subscription to the premium release.

Cross-platform support

Not all clients tune in to music on their cell phones. They additionally stream music on laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and even wearables. Consequently, it gets basic for new-age music streaming services to help cross-platform usefulness.

YouTube Music is accessible as an app on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, therefore it is perfect with most tablets and cell phones that are running on these 2 working systems. However, there is no devoted application for the work area, so on the off chance that you wish to play music on a desktop or laptop running on Linux or Microsoft Windows, you need to utilize a web-based customer.

Spotify, then again, bolsters every single significant platform. Other than being accessible as an app on iOS and Android devices, Spotify additionally has a committed application for Windows-based machines and supports different customers – including PlayStation and Xbox.

Music Streaming Quality 

The streaming quality assumes a significant job with better piece-rate offering better stable output and HD quality sound. On the off chance that Spotify and YouTube Music are to be looked at, at that point, the previous gives 320kbps CBR mp3 (paid), 96 kbps and 160 kbps while the last gives us standard Streaming at 128kbps and low quality at 48kbps. The YouTube Music Users who have premium accounts are equipped with high-quality bitrate, for example, 256kbps AAC. It must be noticed that 256kbps AAC is equal to 320kbps CBR mp3.


Both YouTube Music and Spotify have pursuit work. The previous, be that as it may, makes it a stride further for times when you can’t precisely recollect the title of a tune. On YouTube Music, you can type in whatever you can remember and the melody you’re looking for will be in the outcomes.

So, for example, in case you look for “Jerusalem chimes are ringing,” YouTube Music will immediately get Coldplay’s, Viva La Vida.

Spotify has one high ground here. As we referenced before, its inquiry empowers you to locate the correct playlist for disposition or activity.

Even though Spotify can all the more likely suit your exact playlist requests, YouTube Music has a perceptibly powerful motor, which is evident given YouTube’s ties with Google.

Music Library 

Spotify formally houses more than 40 million tracks from a massive extent of specialists. Regardless of whether you are looking for Post Malone’s most recent collection of exciting music from the 1960s, Spotify has you secured. Spotify, at times, discharges special features also.

YouTube, then again, hasn’t uncovered what number of tracks are in the YouTube Music library. Yet, given YouTube’s nearby associations with marks, you absolutely won’t face issues with finding a specific record on YouTube Music.

Besides, YouTube Music lets you stream music or video from YouTube’s broad catalog of fan covers, mashups, and show cuts. YouTube is additionally home to a large number of non-name tracks, which you won’t find on any music streaming platform except YouTube Music.

While Spotify won’t let you down most definitely, YouTube Music edges this challenge because of its YouTube integration. The conceivable outcomes with YouTube Music are everlasting, and you will have the option to hear music past what every other person is checking out.


There is a motivation behind why Spotify is a leading OTT sound platform all around. From a huge content library to a feature-rich app, radio and podcasts integration, other than the cross-platform support, the Swedish streaming service is a comprehensive package. Be that as it may, YouTube Music offers deep integration with the YouTube video streaming platform, allowing you to access to originals, covers, remixes and much more. Its app can likewise play videos, making it an excellent platform; no other service coordinates this.

Go for Spotify in case you need a simple music streaming service that can deal with every one of your devices. In case you like investigating remixes, mixtapes, and covers, other than unique soundtracks, you may jump at the chance to check out YouTube Music!

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