Download YouTube Music Premium Apk Latest Version 2020

YouTube Music Premium Apk

YouTube Music Premium Apk enables you to appreciate much more stuff as compared to you discover on the traditional platform. It enables you to enjoy ad-free videos, subscribes to the channels, what is new in the communities that you have liked, timeline recommendation,  quick search option, pin the videos that you want to watch later, premium video shows for free and much more!

If you like to use all the above-mentioned amazing features for free and listen to your favorite songs, then you have landed in the right place. Let’s dive and know what YouTube music premium has to offer you.

What is YouTube Music Premium Apk?

YouTube Music Premium is built to watch your favorite music in the app. The apk allows you to watch and listen to the songs without ads and for free.

However, individuals who all are expecting all the amazing features of the premium version on this app could experience it without any problem. What most people love about this is that you won’t have to watch any ads to further watch the video. You can get the recommendations based on your location at any time and anywhere. This app also allows the users to adjust equalizer whenever they want to.

Features of YouTube Premium

  • Ad-free: The premium apk is free of ads and this is what everyone wants in the application.
  • Background Play: The music keeps on playing even if the phone is locked
  • Recommendations: You will get recommendations depending on your location, search history, and some other aspects.
  • Works as YouTube: As the application uses the official server of YouTube, therefore it works like it.
  • Hotlist:  it will display the list of trending shows in your location and around the world.
  • Download songs: You can also download the songs and listen to them later.
  • Sections: Playlists, Albums, Songs that you liked, and Artists you subscribed to.
  • high-quality audio: the songs that you listen are of high quality which means that you can enjoy them even more.
  • Equalizer: You can adjust the bass and other things as you like to.

How to Download YouTube Music Premium?

The APK of youtube music premium can be downloaded and installed on the non-rooted at the moment. In the event that the phone is rooted then you are not allowed to enjoy the features that it is offering to its users. You will require another app with the Youtube Music Premium APK. Read on to find out how to install the application and enjoy your favorite music.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is, you have to install microOG APK and after that, you have to download youtube music premium on your device
  2. Both the applications can be installed on your device and check the Unknown source in your Settings, as soon as you check this option the installation will start.
  3. As soon as the apps are installed on your device, open MicroOG and then add Youtube Music Premium to it.
  4. Now login to the application and start exploring and listening to your favorite music for free.

FAQ – People Also Ask

Is YouTube Music for free?

Music streaming service supplier such as apple music, Spotify, galena and others offers free music streaming services to all the users. Like them, YouTube music also offers FREE support to the users. What’s more, as other music streaming organization, YouTube music also plays ads during the streaming.

What do you get with YouTube premium?

YouTube Premium is available in numerous countries around the world, the premium services of the Youtube music premium offers the content without any ads and enable the users to stream your favorite songs online as well as offline.

Does YouTube Premium include YouTube music?

From the name, it is already evident that YouTube premium includes YouTube music to stream. Along these lines, pay for rupees 149 every month and enjoy listening to your main tunes with five different friends or family members.

How to cancel YouTube premium free trial?

If you are signing up on the application for the first time, you will get free trial. However, you have to enter the details of your credit card and after one month it will deduct money for another month. If you like to cancel the plan them remember to cancel it before the free trial period ends.


YouTube Music Premium is the best app for streaming and listening to your favorite music. I hope that you guys enjoy this post on YouTube Music Premium Apk. We have mentioned step by step guide to install youtube music apk on your device. In case you are facing any issues during the installing process then let us know in the comment section and we will try to help you in dealing with the iss

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